Thinking about the trip


I can already see myself thinking the Indian way. Wtf does that mean? Well it doesn’t mean anything, it’s a lie. I’m just thinking about all the things I will be missing back home here but I’m not sure man, I can’t think of anything in particular… sure people say family and friends but like family is coming along and friends, I don’t socialize much. 

I think I might miss all the cured cheese Spain has to offer and oh! The steak with pepper sauce! I won’t be eating a juicy steak in India! Or will I? That is something I need explore.


Ticket to India Booked!

So how did I choose which operator to fly from –

  1. Searched all prices in
  2. Found cheapest was spicejet
  3. Turned out to be spicejet bumped their prices from 315 to 425 pounds! – it was my fault for not booking in advance.
  4. Had to settle for the cheaper Air India @ 290 Pounds.
  5. Flying from London to Mumbai*

So why did I not choose AirIndia from the beginning? – Its the crappiest carrier their is out there to India and it has a fame to be packed like Indian trains, – I prefer my long term high altitude confined journeys to be a bit more pleasent than that – but, hey, i am not rich, i have to save wherever I can.