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A conversation that matters

“Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters”

Today I woke to the quote below and it has left me thinking a few things. When was the last time I had a conversation which mattered? When did I start talking with no reason – as in, I used to abide by the rule of speak when necessary… anyways., so the question that arose in my head was –

what constitutes a conversation that matters? you know, we talk about food, places to visit, people, the world and life itself.. but we just talk, there is no walk coming out of it or any change in the ripples of life… so if there is no fruit to the talk, does it really matter? would like be any different if those conversation we have had in the past did not happen?

Sure there will be people and foods you would have not met and seen, but would your life as a person, inside you, your consciousness, be any different than what it is today? I think it all depends to how present you are in life, if the people you met and food you ate where for a particular reason, and not just for the fact of eating or meeting people cause that’s whats done by society… then it might have matter in some sort of way.

This quote really hit me hard with the thoughts, you see, I speak to people on daily basis about the world, politics, lifestyle, society and how its all fucked up. People agree, people want to see changes, people in some sort of manner fight for those things too – very passively but they do – however not much change is achieved with their struggle and those fights tend to be more circumstancial that core beliefs.. so does our life lived on earth and conversations attached matter at all? Or do we just spend around our lifespan babbling about stuff and then die off?

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters


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