ISKCON Temple Delhi

ISKCON Temple Delhi

ISKCON Temple Delhi, also known as Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Mandir is part of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (as the name suggests). Devoted to Vaishnavism – meaning they believe Vishnu is the creator of the universe, they worship mainly Krishna (avatar of Vishnu) and push for monotheism as a belief system.

I love ISKCON temples, they are well maintained, they have lots of books to offer to those seeking answers and I tend to feel a peace at their mandirs – be it truly placebo or be it the collective energy gathered by their daily chantings. – If a city has a ISKCON temple, its definitely worth the visit.

I go for the interesting paintings they hold on Hindu Mythology, the energy released during chantings and their food courts. This is second ISKCON temple I have visited in my life – the first one was Mumbai.

For those who travel a lot, they offer a membership where you get to stay in any of their temples worldwide – not sure about the costs but definitely a great way to travel the word and forget about accommodation.

I leave you with a few experiences ->

And of course, food at the Govinda Restaurant ->

I might take up on visiting them all in India – not for religious reasons, just to feel the aura at the places – definitely worth the time.


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