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Lucknow – The Nawabi City

Lucknow, once know as the Nawabi City would have left a voyageur with his mouths open. With Muslim and Indian arts fusing together, now it offers –

  • Bara Imambara w/ Bulbulaya Maze
  • Chhota Imambara
  • Rumi Darwaza
  • Amazing Kebabs
  • La Martinière School
  • Hazratganj Road

There are a few more places to see which I did not. Lucknow is an interesting city – for foodies like me, you will have a vast amount of meaty dishes and breads which have crossed civilizations, and well, if you are thinking of getting into politics – this city seems to be a good place for it. The main road, Hazratganj has an interesting air to it. All boards are the same black and white color, there is proper street lighting throughout the road but it surely is crowded. 

At first I was a bit reluctant to go, when I googled up the city – it pretty much looked like any other crowded place – but I quite enjoyed it. – If you are fond of simple meats like me – ie Kebabs, Chicken Tikka – Lucknow has a few variations you would like to try, ill write a post on what I ate in Lucknow.

Transport – Mumbai to Lucknow 3,279.00 INR- GoAir (Booked 1 month in advance)

A bit of sightseeing / places to see / attractions in Lucknow.

#1 Bara Imambara – Looked like a mosque with spacious hall inside, coupled with a maze and fort.
#Bara Imambara Fort

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#The Imambara Halls
Bara Imambara Halls - Lucknow
Bara Imambara Halls – Here the guide lights a match on the other side, to prove its acoustic worth.
Bara Imambara Halls - Lucknow
Bara Imambara Halls – The hall, the longest in the world with no pillar support – bricks where put into accurate places.
#2 Chhota Imambara
#3 La Martinière School
#4 Rumi Darwaza
Rumi Darwaza (back) - Lucknow
Rumi Darwaza, so I did not know that the beauty is on the other side, so I got its back side jajaja
#5 Maal – Outskirts of Lucknow

We arrived late to the farm and town, otherwise you would have seen a big field full of mango trees and more, a mandir built by family friends with a very old Shiv artefact and a proper Lucknow Haveli.

The snake below was twice the length, the rest of the skin broke, only half was conserved.

Lucknow is a great city to put on your travel list, you will enjoy the food, the people with their kind heart and quite open mindedness. However, having visited Maal in the upper eastern corner of Lucknow, well, the farm life will always get my points.


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