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Do what you love

Do what you fucking love – said the creator to it’s creation.

You know, I look around and see people doing so many things in their lives – when you ask them “what is it that you love doing” it tends to be something very different to what they are currently on. Why is that? Why don’t people do what they love? You know, if you love something, you will eventually become and expert at it – and it will pay off, so its not about money.. then what is it? It is not about the lack of opportunity, you love doing it, so make your own opportunity, again, you will become an expert and someone will ask for an opportunity from you..

I am not talking only about career or education. Everywhere in the world, we follow customs, regulations, religions, laws and rules which we do not like – (please don’t get stupid now and think about things which harm people) – like many follow customs and have to invite people over for dinner – something which they do not want to do.. so why do it? some sit hours in front of rock statues which appanrelty depict the creator – when they rather be chilling with their family or at a beach.. some dress in certain manners, others talk in certain manners, others act in certain manner… everyone who if you ask them – what is it that you love – will totally be different to what they are doing…

So I tell those and myself  – Do what you fucking love. There are only 2 things which we own in this life – time and our choices, everything else can be bought, but these, once spent, there is no gaining them back. DO WHAT YOU FUCKING LOVE.

do what you fucking love


Are you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?

Are you doing the right things to reach your goals? You know, im asking because very few of us live in the present, most are trying to get somewhere and when they are there, little or nothing is taken in as experience – sure we will look back every now and then and remember what we did to reach there but we as humans, do not really tend to achieve new lifestyle heights every time we achieve something.

I believe that people need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy – meaning grandiose gestures must take place in their lives so their consciousness shifts back to the present moment. – This is how governments fooled everyone to believe that 9/11 was an act of terrorism by muslims – life was good and suddenly – shake down – buildings collapse and people started feeling fear towards the so called “terrorists” – in the meantime, life keeps passing by behind the scene – in that war on terror context, our every world citizens rights were being stripped away, all to make us again apathetic towards other beings – the world we live in today, it is a fact that we are just one more number. (this was not the case pre 9/11).

So the question remains, how often do you pay attention during a week to your goals, whether you are stuck in a routine or just living life on auto-pilot -. You see, people who work, have it harder, cause they will be facing a dialy routine and they will come home, eat dinner, make love to their wives (even that in most cases is an autopilot move) – and go to sleep to begin their same routine the next day. All in the name of a goal which might come when they retire and have saved up enough funds. In the process they loose part of themselves and leave behind their original selves… so if the original self is left behind, who is there in the future who will enjoy the so called “achieved goal”?

Ask yourselves daily, whenever you are about to make a decision, be it eating food, or at work – dealing with a client or when relating with people, are your actions getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?

closer to your goals


A conversation that matters

“Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters”

Today I woke to the quote below and it has left me thinking a few things. When was the last time I had a conversation which mattered? When did I start talking with no reason – as in, I used to abide by the rule of speak when necessary… anyways., so the question that arose in my head was –

what constitutes a conversation that matters? you know, we talk about food, places to visit, people, the world and life itself.. but we just talk, there is no walk coming out of it or any change in the ripples of life… so if there is no fruit to the talk, does it really matter? would like be any different if those conversation we have had in the past did not happen?

Sure there will be people and foods you would have not met and seen, but would your life as a person, inside you, your consciousness, be any different than what it is today? I think it all depends to how present you are in life, if the people you met and food you ate where for a particular reason, and not just for the fact of eating or meeting people cause that’s whats done by society… then it might have matter in some sort of way.

This quote really hit me hard with the thoughts, you see, I speak to people on daily basis about the world, politics, lifestyle, society and how its all fucked up. People agree, people want to see changes, people in some sort of manner fight for those things too – very passively but they do – however not much change is achieved with their struggle and those fights tend to be more circumstancial that core beliefs.. so does our life lived on earth and conversations attached matter at all? Or do we just spend around our lifespan babbling about stuff and then die off?

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters