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World for all Adoptathon 2014 & Zelda

The “World For All Animal Care & Adoptions is a registered Mumbai-based animal welfare NGO that has revolutionised the model of stray animal adoptions.” They held an event on November 22 & 23rd at the Smt. Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Homoeopathic Medical College, Irla, Vile Parle where baby cats and dogs who have been abandoned or are strays were up for adoption.

It was quite the scene entering the venue, there were many people walking around, a great selection of puppies and cats and best of all the happy mood that everyone was in.

I was in the lookout for adopting a puppy for months now and could not make my mind, however being at the adoptathon just made me take a decision and take a lovely female pariah dog puppy. Her original name was Snowy but she is just 2 months of age and will not remember – so I have taken advantage of the situation and named her Zelda. – The name comes after a princess in the popular video game by Nintendo – Zelda & the Ocarina of Time – A princess who does not give up hope on a warrior who is to struggle to find his bravory, courage and determination to save the world from all evil.

So Zelda had nothing done on her – meaning no vaccinations, she was just up for adoption and was taken care by a very nice appearing girl named Shruti. (she was nice) – so I knew she had been safe for those few weeks of her life.

Zelda now is living with me in a flat in Khar, where she has her own play crate 4×5 size – so that she can understand the boundaries and limits of her reach – commonly known as crate training. I took her to the vet to get her checked and she is too young to get any shots! – weighing at 4.4kg this week, she will have to wait for 2 more weeks to get the shot – after which, I will finally be able to take her for walks and train her to not crap and piss all over the house :/

In the time being – I leave you with some instagram shots where you can see she is doing just fine! – probably living a better life than me!! I cook for her, brown rice with veggies and meat, all stirred in with an egg – probably a more complete meal than mine.. but she loves it, although she sniffs out the meat and leaves the rice behind haha.

She is definitely a cutie and I am glad to have her as my life companion.

trying to bite #zelda ear! #puppy #dog #female Un vídeo publicado por @hindustanilife el

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Lucknow here I come


Lucknow here I come
Mumbai to Lucknow is the next destination. A friend from my UK university is coming around to India. He asked me to join him, I thought -> why not!.
I’m gonna try and get hands on the different types of kebabs being offered. For some reason I’m getting the biryani word but i thought it was hyderabad which was famous for it. Anyways, the plan is to meet up, eat up, drink up, and explore the city. While at it, try and get a few culinary tips for the locals if there is anything to learn.
Other than that, enjoying my overpriced bad coffee at the airport. On a positive note – I recall the Indian airports being much more Shabbir than this -definitely good job handling airports, the way forward!


In India I am

Mumbai - Gateway of India
Some cows and his owner sleeping on the road
Queens Necklace - due to the shape of the lights
The Taj Hotel

In India I am
Arrived, I’ve been trying to get the blog up and running, just been a bit lazy though by only writing in spanish at
So its been 3 weeks now since I arrived to India and have been staying in Mumbai “the city which never sleeps” well they do say that about all cities but this one actually stays awake, bloody hell; there is no silence in this city. Be it some asshole driver honking his way through the city, a builder using tools early in the morning, monks chanting and clapping bells together at remote hours, drunk people shouting, dogs barking or a simple hiss of the alive city, you will never find a quiet place unless you’re lost somewhere. Hey this doesn’t mean it’s all thay bad, just telling you how it is.
I have been before to Mumbai, came around in 2012, hence the Taj Mahal pic you see, for those who don’t know, the palace is located in Agra -1200km from here. I was around in the monsoon season and the city gets pretty nasty, the city takes a toll from all the rain; streets get flooded, traffic increases, the humidity is extra nasty, it’s darker -the bright side was that it’s way cooler than now in summer! Om my it was waaay cooler.
It’s a summer round 38C daily, and my android phone reads – partly clouded -now these aren’t nice UK clouds with a blue sky, it’s smog, good pollution smog keeping the heat in the city and fresh airs far away from its inhabitants. Again, it’s not that bad, have you been to a desert? You will then understand that temperatures drop considerably during night, the same happens here, you will feel a 10C drop in the night, definitely cooler but you will never escape the humidity, so be ready to be sticky and wet. (No pun intended).
Apart from that it’s all good, the shock to the system was taken care of the last time I came, pollution, higiene, food, people, infrastructure is nothing like Europe, it’s pretty much a caos, but a caos which just works if you pay attention properly. Like any other city, it has its daily routines, trains leave on time, services are taken on time, food time is food time, and sleeping time is sleeping time. The odd things out would be it’s lack of lighting considering the amount of people who roam the streets, the traffic lights are useless at midnight and yep, animals like cows or dogs and sometimes pigs roam the the city.

It’s good to be in India, I was getting bored of the mundane jungle in Europe, there is no drama or spice to life there, everything is very civilised, here they are civilised too, but in a way in which people from outside are just not used too, and you are free to adapt, but some things I’m sure no one will want to become.

I will be posting more ans more as I explore the city deeper!


Thinking about the trip


I can already see myself thinking the Indian way. Wtf does that mean? Well it doesn’t mean anything, it’s a lie. I’m just thinking about all the things I will be missing back home here but I’m not sure man, I can’t think of anything in particular… sure people say family and friends but like family is coming along and friends, I don’t socialize much. 

I think I might miss all the cured cheese Spain has to offer and oh! The steak with pepper sauce! I won’t be eating a juicy steak in India! Or will I? That is something I need explore.


Ticket to India Booked!

So how did I choose which operator to fly from –

  1. Searched all prices in
  2. Found cheapest was spicejet
  3. Turned out to be spicejet bumped their prices from 315 to 425 pounds! – it was my fault for not booking in advance.
  4. Had to settle for the cheaper Air India @ 290 Pounds.
  5. Flying from London to Mumbai*

So why did I not choose AirIndia from the beginning? – Its the crappiest carrier their is out there to India and it has a fame to be packed like Indian trains, – I prefer my long term high altitude confined journeys to be a bit more pleasent than that – but, hey, i am not rich, i have to save wherever I can.


Namaste to all

Hello everyone,

So basically, im going to India, once again, but this time instead of a month trip, its going to be longer journey, one where I am going to try and adapt myself to living the indian way – not sure if there is such a thing – the name of site comes from there – hindustani life – hindustan (India but with a religious touch to it from Hinduism).

I will try and document pretty much everything I do on daily basis. Why? – Just for fun and because I like to document my own life for the future, who knows I may get alzheimers or summin – what? – yeah so if there is something I can help you with, surely ask, if you like something – do comment – it will just give me that little nudge of hope that yaay’ somebody is reading from the site! – if you dislike it – well, what can I say, bummer.

FYI – if you like food – make sure to follow me, I will defintly share food pics, and oh – i want to show people out there, which im sure they already know, that India is not just sand, elephants, taj mahal, and chicken vindaloo, it does have something interesting to offer.

For those wanting to hear the same in Spanish –