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Gostana in Khar



Gostana in Khar
Gostana is described as a fast food joint with “kick ass” burgers. It’s located in Khar near Elbo Room.
This month I’m trying to be a vegetarian to see what the health implications are in relation to my daily weight lifting. I’m trying to eat at home to ingest good food. However it was one of those days when there is no food at home and there is an outing, so searching for nearby places, I came across Gostana.
First impression walking towards the restaurant as I find my way behind the building, I was expecting a shabby place however it turned out to be like judging the book by its cover. Once inside I was greeted by the owners (I suppose) a lovely lady (good looking too) which made me feel welcome. I looked around to find a place for two but they were all occupied, there might have been 4 tables max. Not a problem, in the corner they have a floor seater, where you can take your shoes off and feel at home. The decor is young, with music based images and just looking at my side I found a guitar lying, perhaps for anyone to use. Too bad I don’t play… someday.
Well, once accommodated, I was given the menu to choose from, the specials were mentioned – from which I learnt that Non Veg is what they are known for!! Bad luck of mine. Nonetheless, they did have a vegetarian offering and I went for the Spinach and Cottage Cheese Burger and multi grain bread. As a matter of fact, she read my mind – as before asking for something good, she offered that burger to me. My cousin, she went for the humus.
First impressions –
1. The Spinach Veg patty is tasty, it reminded of sindhi sai bhaji dryed out and squashed. I loved it. The cheese as usual okayish. The downside was the bread, a bit simple and dry -(they do mention their health cooking and might avoid butter to make the bun tastier). – the second bad impression was the use of microwave. A kitchen with microwave is not a serious kitchen. Should use a baking oven at appropriate heating to avoid food getting dry.
The side salad was a small cup of corn – I personally don’t eat corn.

2. Humus – was great. The side bread and salad not worth it.

3. Everything is made as if it’s home made, perhaps they should avoid typhoo green tea and use loose leafs.

So what’s the verdict? As a vegetarian on the day – I would avoid it if you’re a true burger conossiour. The lovely lady did tell me to come back whenever I pick up meat again. And I will give them another go!

The mood inside, the lighting, the great music and good people running it does make it an experience so my verdict is based on food only. I would give it a 2/5 for vegetarians. Let’s see when I go for the meat!

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My bandra/khar flat

The Kitchen
The Bedroom
Main Hall

My bandra/khar flat
Hurray! So I got my housing sorted, and it’s going to be in the area of Khar West, atleast for the following six months. I’m pretty psyched about it as I get yet another chance after Gran Canaria, Madrid, London, Reading, Athens to redecorate a living palace. I’m also happy about having my cousin who is a indoors designer/decorator who might give me a hand, she does a great job!

As im chilling here in Mahableshwar & Lonavla for a time out holiday with family, the walls are currently being scrapped, repainting is happening and well, I’m slowly choosing my furniture.
So it seems they want to rebuild the entire flat in around 6 months, so temporarily the flat will be receiving only a white wash… However, unlike typical asians, 6 months is a very long time for me, and in mumbai it seems the beauty lies within the walls (literary), so I had to have atleast some things to my standard. (Might sound like a spoiled brat)

1. There will be white, but a ivory white shade of white.
2. A few walls will be having a teal blue shade.
3. No stinky tubelights for main lighting. Only lamps.
4. Soft bed and pillows.
5. High speed broadband.
6. Fully equipped kitchen.
7. Good bass speakers.
8. Quiet white zen zone for deep meditation and Yoga practice.

That’s about it, I’m lucky enough at the moment to not have other humans with me, so i will be able to start peeing and claiming what belongs me to before anyone else. Oh yeah and those furniture you see will go.

Mumbai life progress – 30% complete.