In India I am

Mumbai - Gateway of India
Some cows and his owner sleeping on the road
Queens Necklace - due to the shape of the lights
The Taj Hotel

In India I am
Arrived, I’ve been trying to get the blog up and running, just been a bit lazy though by only writing in spanish at
So its been 3 weeks now since I arrived to India and have been staying in Mumbai “the city which never sleeps” well they do say that about all cities but this one actually stays awake, bloody hell; there is no silence in this city. Be it some asshole driver honking his way through the city, a builder using tools early in the morning, monks chanting and clapping bells together at remote hours, drunk people shouting, dogs barking or a simple hiss of the alive city, you will never find a quiet place unless you’re lost somewhere. Hey this doesn’t mean it’s all thay bad, just telling you how it is.
I have been before to Mumbai, came around in 2012, hence the Taj Mahal pic you see, for those who don’t know, the palace is located in Agra -1200km from here. I was around in the monsoon season and the city gets pretty nasty, the city takes a toll from all the rain; streets get flooded, traffic increases, the humidity is extra nasty, it’s darker -the bright side was that it’s way cooler than now in summer! Om my it was waaay cooler.
It’s a summer round 38C daily, and my android phone reads – partly clouded -now these aren’t nice UK clouds with a blue sky, it’s smog, good pollution smog keeping the heat in the city and fresh airs far away from its inhabitants. Again, it’s not that bad, have you been to a desert? You will then understand that temperatures drop considerably during night, the same happens here, you will feel a 10C drop in the night, definitely cooler but you will never escape the humidity, so be ready to be sticky and wet. (No pun intended).
Apart from that it’s all good, the shock to the system was taken care of the last time I came, pollution, higiene, food, people, infrastructure is nothing like Europe, it’s pretty much a caos, but a caos which just works if you pay attention properly. Like any other city, it has its daily routines, trains leave on time, services are taken on time, food time is food time, and sleeping time is sleeping time. The odd things out would be it’s lack of lighting considering the amount of people who roam the streets, the traffic lights are useless at midnight and yep, animals like cows or dogs and sometimes pigs roam the the city.

It’s good to be in India, I was getting bored of the mundane jungle in Europe, there is no drama or spice to life there, everything is very civilised, here they are civilised too, but in a way in which people from outside are just not used too, and you are free to adapt, but some things I’m sure no one will want to become.

I will be posting more ans more as I explore the city deeper!


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