My bandra/khar flat

The Kitchen
The Bedroom
Main Hall

My bandra/khar flat
Hurray! So I got my housing sorted, and it’s going to be in the area of Khar West, atleast for the following six months. I’m pretty psyched about it as I get yet another chance after Gran Canaria, Madrid, London, Reading, Athens to redecorate a living palace. I’m also happy about having my cousin who is a indoors designer/decorator who might give me a hand, she does a great job!

As im chilling here in Mahableshwar & Lonavla for a time out holiday with family, the walls are currently being scrapped, repainting is happening and well, I’m slowly choosing my furniture.
So it seems they want to rebuild the entire flat in around 6 months, so temporarily the flat will be receiving only a white wash… However, unlike typical asians, 6 months is a very long time for me, and in mumbai it seems the beauty lies within the walls (literary), so I had to have atleast some things to my standard. (Might sound like a spoiled brat)

1. There will be white, but a ivory white shade of white.
2. A few walls will be having a teal blue shade.
3. No stinky tubelights for main lighting. Only lamps.
4. Soft bed and pillows.
5. High speed broadband.
6. Fully equipped kitchen.
7. Good bass speakers.
8. Quiet white zen zone for deep meditation and Yoga practice.

That’s about it, I’m lucky enough at the moment to not have other humans with me, so i will be able to start peeing and claiming what belongs me to before anyone else. Oh yeah and those furniture you see will go.

Mumbai life progress – 30% complete.