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Do what you love

Do what you fucking love – said the creator to it’s creation.

You know, I look around and see people doing so many things in their lives – when you ask them “what is it that you love doing” it tends to be something very different to what they are currently on. Why is that? Why don’t people do what they love? You know, if you love something, you will eventually become and expert at it – and it will pay off, so its not about money.. then what is it? It is not about the lack of opportunity, you love doing it, so make your own opportunity, again, you will become an expert and someone will ask for an opportunity from you..

I am not talking only about career or education. Everywhere in the world, we follow customs, regulations, religions, laws and rules which we do not like – (please don’t get stupid now and think about things which harm people) – like many follow customs and have to invite people over for dinner – something which they do not want to do.. so why do it? some sit hours in front of rock statues which appanrelty depict the creator – when they rather be chilling with their family or at a beach.. some dress in certain manners, others talk in certain manners, others act in certain manner… everyone who if you ask them – what is it that you love – will totally be different to what they are doing…

So I tell those and myself  – Do what you fucking love. There are only 2 things which we own in this life – time and our choices, everything else can be bought, but these, once spent, there is no gaining them back. DO WHAT YOU FUCKING LOVE.

do what you fucking love


Fundamental principles of life

Principles are fundamental truths or general laws. Without them we would not stick to a defined set of rules and would be all over the place. In my personal opinion, there are two different fundamental principles of life.

Jaisalmer - Inside the fort views
This is Jaisalmer, I was wondering on the edges of the fort when this thought came to me, – definitely a special place!

Let me make clear that life wont make complete sense to us because we have no sense of the completeness of life. However the reality of life does have two principles which make it magical >

  • Love; there very stuff of existence, the positive power that encourages everything.
  • Justice; the law of cause and effect that weaves and dyes the complex patterns of creation and ensures that it’s fabric never wears away.

If you live your life in the present and by that I mean, a life lived consciously; aware of your actions and apply these 2 principles to it – you will enter a golden age – but rest assured our brain (thoughts) is cunning – nothing is impossible though in this short life we have been given.

(these thoughts could be related to books I have read, I do not mean to copy any works – if this is the case – please let me know).