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made some more paneer

Paneer, cottage cheese, fresh farmers cheese etc.. the same stuff. A friend of mines from the canary islands wanted to know how to make this cheese as she is trying out a meat free diet for a couple of weeks. Tofu is great but lets face it, it’s very bad in taste – it’s something people who think about nutrition would enjoy, not people who want taste in their foods.

So, to show her how its made I bought 2L of fresh Buffalo Milk – assuming it has the highest fat content – compared to goat/cows milk.

For those who have not seen my post on how to make paneer – Ill quickly write the steps down – its easy –

Paneer - 2L Fresh Buffalo Milk
Paneer – 2L Fresh Buffalo Milk
Paneer - Cloth to Dry out Paneer
Paneer – Cloth to Dry out Paneer
  1. Bring Milk to boil.

    Paneer - Bring to boil
    Paneer – Bring to boil
  2. Squeeze 2 small lemons to it.
  3. Separate whey from cheese.

    Paneer - After 2 Lemons - Whey separates
    Paneer – After 2 Lemons – Whey separates
  4. Siv through a cloth and collect the cheese.

    Paneer - Filter Whey
    Paneer – Filter Whey

Just make sure to keep stirring the milk while you bring it to boil, otherwise you will end with dark brown bits in your paneer; as seen below.

Finally, you should leave it wrapped for a while until all residue whey is gone – either you can put something heavy on top of the paneer or you could hang it as I did.

Paneer - Leave hanging to release liquids
Paneer – Leave hanging to release liquids


I could not resist and had a bite before I took the final picture. It is very delicious and for me personally has more taste to it. I also prefer to know that its just milk that I have poured into it and there are no “contaminants” in my paneer.

Paneer - final product
Paneer – final product


How to make home made cheese

How to make home made cheese or Paneer, just a few steps to a proper treat which you can have during breakfast, use as part of your indian dishes or just eat on its own.


  • 1L unpasteurized Whole Milk – 62 rupees
  • 3 Lemons (4 lemons for 10 rupees)
  • Cheese Cloth (32 rupees for 1 meter)
  • 1 Teaspoon salt – 1 rupees

Recipe Steps

  1. Get the milk to boil – not scorching boil but hot enough so that froth and small bubbles start appearing on the surface
  2. While you are heating it up, constantly stire and make sure nothing sticks to the bottom. Once it reaches its boiling state – turn off the fire.
  3. Squeeze the juice of those 3 lemons into a cup and pour it into the milk.  Mix
  4. The curd(white pieces) will separate from the whey (transparent liquid)
  5. Leave for 10 minutes
  6. Pour through the cheese cloth to collect all the curd  – you can use the whey later on for other cheeses like ricotta – (which I still have to try)
  7. Put the curd onto a plate, break it up, add the salt and kneed i together well. Add again to the cheese cloth.
  8. Once all whey has drained – You have your cheese.

You can eat it warm, or put it into a container and cool it down in the fridge.  In my version on the cheese, I added some blackpepper, as its  a condiment I use always with cheese. You can add anything you wish.  While serving I recommend adding a bit of olive oil on top.

The cheese which comes by using lemon juice becomes hard, there are other means of seperating the curd from the whey which yield softer home made cheese. – These I will describe once I try them myself.

Home made cheese
Home made cheese