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Namaste to all

Hello everyone,

So basically, im going to India, once again, but this time instead of a month trip, its going to be longer journey, one where I am going to try and adapt myself to living the indian way – not sure if there is such a thing – the name of site comes from there – hindustani life – hindustan (India but with a religious touch to it from Hinduism).

I will try and document pretty much everything I do on daily basis. Why? – Just for fun and because I like to document my own life for the future, who knows I may get alzheimers or summin – what? – yeah so if there is something I can help you with, surely ask, if you like something – do comment – it will just give me that little nudge of hope that yaay’ somebody is reading from the site! – if you dislike it – well, what can I say, bummer.

FYI – if you like food – make sure to follow me, I will defintly share food pics, and oh – i want to show people out there, which im sure they already know, that India is not just sand, elephants, taj mahal, and chicken vindaloo, it does have something interesting to offer.

For those wanting to hear the same in Spanish –



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