Spanish Omlette - Tortilla Slice

Spanish Omelette

A Spanish omelette or Tortilla in spanish, is one of the main staples of Spanish cuisine. It consists of an egg omelette made with potatoes and fried in vegetable oil.

Spanish Omlette - Tortilla Slice
Spanish Omlette – Tortilla Slice

Tortilla means – small cake, thus its thickness when prepared. Unlike a plain french omelette, this omelette has a juicy thickness which can be achieved by the addition of potatoes and other vegetable ingredients.

Recipe Steps – Depending on the size, you should have ingredients so that there is a nice amount of sliced potatoes and they are fully covered by egg when you put them into a pan.

  1. Slice potatoes
  2. Chop onions very finely
  3. Pan fry potatoes and onions (cover the potatoes for a while so that they are properly cooking from inside, they should be soft once you are done cooking them.)
  4. Whisk eggs, add parsley, salt and pepper
  5. Add the potatoes and onions to the whisked egg mix
  6. Pour the whole thing into a pan and cook, make sure to check the corners so that it doesn’t stick. – cover the omelette if you must, to cook it properly from within
  7. Flip once to cook the other side

Enjoy your Tortilla – Spanish Omelette

Spanish Omlette - Tortilla Full



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