Fat Kong – a Chinese treat in Mumbai



Fat Kong – a Chinese treat in Mumbai
This evening my sister was craving something which would get her our from her usual bland diet food. We’ve been eating indian food, so it was time to step it up to Chinese food.
We didint want to have a blow out meal so we opted for a fast food Chinese joint.
Fat Kong, conveniently located at SV road in Mumbai has been her favorite quick Chinese fix for some time, it was time for me to taste it.
At first you will might be put off by its yellow and red color, somewhat dodgy kitchen sense and road side tables, but this is Mumbai and as the locals say, the less extravagant the place, the tastier the food. Bang on!
Note – we did have to move around a few tables before deciding where to sit as the mosquitoes kept following up, good thing the waiter caught on fast and lit a mosquitos repellent incense for us.
So the food; I got myself a fried spinach and prawn dish, and to share a threaded paneer. Amazing!, I haven’t tried such delicious shrimps anywhere I have been, perhaps they are not gourmet or whatever, but dude, they were juicy, had the nice am out of chilli sauce to it and we’re sure savory. The fried spinach was good too, it pretty much resembled fried algi which Koreans and Japanese people have.
The threaded paneer was the treat though, paneer is a sort of cottage cheese, now cheese battered up with instant noodles and fried – nothing more to say, this was served with schezuan sauce which made it the icing on the cake.
All in all a great Chinese snack for those wanting to have something tasty but not looking to have a proper meal.


Thinking about the trip


I can already see myself thinking the Indian way. Wtf does that mean? Well it doesn’t mean anything, it’s a lie. I’m just thinking about all the things I will be missing back home here but I’m not sure man, I can’t think of anything in particular… sure people say family and friends but like family is coming along and friends, I don’t socialize much. 

I think I might miss all the cured cheese Spain has to offer and oh! The steak with pepper sauce! I won’t be eating a juicy steak in India! Or will I? That is something I need explore.


Ticket to India Booked!

So how did I choose which operator to fly from –

  1. Searched all prices in edreams.com
  2. Found cheapest was spicejet
  3. Turned out to be spicejet bumped their prices from 315 to 425 pounds! – it was my fault for not booking in advance.
  4. Had to settle for the cheaper Air India @ 290 Pounds.
  5. Flying from London to Mumbai*

So why did I not choose AirIndia from the beginning? – Its the crappiest carrier their is out there to India and it has a fame to be packed like Indian trains, – I prefer my long term high altitude confined journeys to be a bit more pleasent than that – but, hey, i am not rich, i have to save wherever I can.


Namaste to all

Hello everyone,

So basically, im going to India, once again, but this time instead of a month trip, its going to be longer journey, one where I am going to try and adapt myself to living the indian way – not sure if there is such a thing – the name of site comes from there – hindustani life – hindustan (India but with a religious touch to it from Hinduism).

I will try and document pretty much everything I do on daily basis. Why? – Just for fun and because I like to document my own life for the future, who knows I may get alzheimers or summin – what? – yeah so if there is something I can help you with, surely ask, if you like something – do comment – it will just give me that little nudge of hope that yaay’ somebody is reading from the site! – if you dislike it – well, what can I say, bummer.

FYI – if you like food – make sure to follow me, I will defintly share food pics, and oh – i want to show people out there, which im sure they already know, that India is not just sand, elephants, taj mahal, and chicken vindaloo, it does have something interesting to offer.

For those wanting to hear the same in Spanish – www.viviendoindia.com



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